Phoenix, AZ USA


I'm a professional 3D Artist, Sculptor and Designer — this is what I love and what I do for over 15 years…
…but most of all I love to create sculptures, custom jewelry and decorative items that can be used in everyday life!

As you can see in my portfolio contains projects from different fields of graphic design — from creation of logos, corporative style and printed products, to web development, 3D modeling for production and 3D visualization of large architectural projects. Most of them belong to the early period, a creative search myself in the professional computer graphics.

…and I'm still very good in that :) but currently, my art is focused on creating sculptures, custom jewelry and exclusive decorative items.


  • 3D Modeling

    I make excellent quality 3D models for production, 3D–printing and rendering.
    Excellent quality — it is not just the similarity 3D model to the references. It is also a 3D model that is created with maximum attention to detail that has the correct topology, the minimum number of polygons and the excellent quality of the surface!
    With my 3D model is easy to work, convenient to edit and use in complex scenes.
  • Digital Sculpting

    I'm engaged in sculpture, various types of stucco molding, reliefs and imitation of wood carving.
  • Custom Jewelry Design

    I make unique 3D models of jewelry, for which I use digital sculpting tools.
    This gives me absolute freedom in creating shapes and allows to get pieces that looks like real hand–made products.
  • Product 3D Rendering

    This means creating a 3D model of your product and 3D rendering it in the desired environment (such as studio rendering or integration the 3D model into a realistic scene) for use these images in promotional materials, interactive presentations, online shops, or printed publications.
  • Creation Models for 3D–Printing or for CNC Milling Machines and Get Prototypes of Products

    High quality and accurate 3D modeling for Print or CNC milling machines. This is enables create sophisticated models with correct forms and sizes that may be important in outdoor advertising and POS–materials, using, e.g., vacuum forming that made based on a milled model. A product prototyping allows to evaluate its external characteristics and to make important changes in the model, yet during the design phase.
  • 3D Printing Services

    I also provide 3D printing services (FDM & SLA) here in North Phoenix, Arizona, USA
    (of course, the shipping is available)


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me —

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