Sergiy M. Yurchenko — freelance 3D artist, sculptor and designer. This is a brief story about me and the origin of the design studio “Monaco Felice”.

Sergiy YurchenkoHi, everyone! Welcome to my studio of 3D graphics and design “Monaco Felice”!

My real name is Sergiy Yurchenko. I was born in the family of an artist, in the small town of Pryluky, Ukraine.
I do Digital Art like Modeling, Design and Rendering already more than 15 years …but most of all I love to create sculptures and decorative items that can be used in everyday life!

My wife, Anna, also plays an important role in the studio — I call her the art director of my studio. She is well versed in fashion, jewelry design, architecture and often helps me make important final adjustments to projects.

A few words about my education. Back in school years I liked to redraw interesting pictures from print publications — drawing an ordinary pencil, also tried oil painting and pastel. As a result, several works of my creative activity, have been sold in the local art salon — it was pastel landscapes.

My father, Michael Yurchenko, was a great artist and sculptor, so all the basics of drawing and fine arts in general, I learned from him.

Computers I studied independently. It was a long creative way — after moving to Kyiv (2001), I had to work a courier, layout artist of outdoor advertising and also I was the installer of this advertising …eventually I earned money for my first computer!
After that I bought literature and began to study computer graphics. I worked as a designer of outdoor advertising, prepared of graphic images for the thermal printing on fabric, developed the design of printed products for advertising agencies, as well as souvenir products and design of exhibition stands. After 5–6 years of experience in various companies, I have come to more specialized professional directions — web design and 3D graphics. Since 2007, I have decided to do computer graphics as a freelance artist.

Now we live in the beautiful state of Arizona, USA. The main focus of my professional activity is Digital Sculpting, which includes the creation of various types of sculptures, custom jewelry design, decorative elements of furniture and other similar things resembling handmade and organic forms.

Besides my professional work, am interested hiking, biking, mysticism, philosophy, Aikido and Kenjutsu.


Monaco Felice. Sergiy Yurchenko. “Mónaco Felíce” literally translated from Italian means «happy, successful monk».
I've always been attracted to Italy — it's music, nature, art, language… so I like it :)

…but why a “monk”? Well, at one time I was seriously interested in mysticism and spirituality, which mainly were related to the ancient oriental cultures. I'm was practicing meditation, various energy– and psycho–physical training. Especially I liked the teachings of Zen and Tao, …there was even a dream to become a Buddhist priest :)
From of those times originates the name “Mónaco Felíce”.

The idea for my logo came quite unexpectedly when I was working on the sculpture.
This logo means "Harmony and Freedom beyond the ordinary".
The image of the well-known symbol of harmony of two beginnings came to me as a basis …I just portrayed it, as I saw in my imagination …it was a certain type of meditation in the creative process …when the inspiration disappeared, I left this image for a while, then came back to it again…
Finally, over a long period of time, this amazing drawing was created, which became the logo of my studio.

“Serge Michaelson” — is my nickname, which has developed over some time living in the United States.
As it turned out, it is difficult for Americans to pronounce names of Slavic origin :)
So I came up with something simple and logical — Serge, it is a shortened version of my real name,
and “Michaelson” — just logically composed of two words, ie “son of Michael”, which is my father's real name.

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