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Tiger Digital Sculpture 3D Visualization
Sculpture of a Tiger Relaxing on a Rock

…he is calm and balanced, he has everything under control, he is confident in his strength and there is nothing he worries about…
…the Tiger is Relaxing

I created this sculpture very meticulously and with great attention to every detail …well, as I always do :)
And unlike most other sculptures, where the tiger is depicted as a ferocious and aggressive animal, on the contrary, I wanted to show my tiger as the personification of “calm strength”.
Tiger Sculpture 3D Rendering Side View
Tiger Sculpture 3D Rendering Top View
In the presented images you can see 3D Renderings of the Tiger Sculpture and a few quick renders of the digital sculpture from ZBrush workspace.
Tiger Digital Sculpture for 3D Printing and Production
Tiger Digital Sculpture Created for 3D Printing
This is my personal project and the digital model is intended to produce a real sculpture using 3D printing technology.
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