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Golden Weaving - Pendant and Ring. Custom Sculpted Jewelry.
…rather ambiguous topics…
I have been thinking for a long time about whether to publish this work.
A bit conflicting, in my opinion, the topic.
But still decided to show.
The tag, with the slogan from Bob Marley's song …and a broken symbol of peace…

Well, I don't know guys… for me, it's a gray area…
I come from Ukraine myself, and I don't remember any conflicts based on nationality or religion.
My favorite childhood books were stories about Native Americans and Africans…
…I'm really sorry that such things are happening in the world.

I have been living in America for several years and… the only thing I can say about racism is that there can be both positive and negative characters in any nation.
I remember well the situation when I had a problem with my truck …and to be honest, I probably would not have stopped and helped… but a black man came up, asked what the problem was,
and literally did all the dirtiest work for me !!
Such situations are really impressive. And for that I love America. …For the kindness of the people!
…of course, I do not rule out the possibility of other situations. But it's not a question of nationality or skin color.
…by the way, I met the most aggression from whites… Therefore, the question is ambiguous. …And that's why I did a 3D rendering of the work in dark tones…

My country is currently at war with Russia. Those bastards throughout history have not allowed us to live… But even during these terrible events, and with a sincere desire for “Russia“ to cease to exist as a country at all, I believe that even there, there are still good adequate people.

Racism is the stupidest thing in the world.
Each nation has its own characteristics, but this should be seen as unique, not a flaw.

…well, I just wanted to publish my work, and a lot of text came out

…by the way, the background pattern turned out pretty cool :)
Golden Weaving - Pendant and Ring. Custom Sculpted Jewelry.